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Suppose we have articles or news from Muslim Journalists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, USA, etc, then what is the difference between News Agency with us?

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6 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I email you from Australia seeking your assistance in finding a journalist willing and able to do some hard research and then attempt to get published the story for which they will be long remembered; indeed the defining story of their career, published.

    That said, there are Defence Notices in place in all English speaking countries which effectively prevent this story being published. For instance. TIME Magazine sent a journalist to Melbourne, Australia and after spending about one week here and viewing all of the material said, just before he got on the jet home, “TIME will publish a Special Edition because we’ve never come across anything like this.” That was nine years ago. Defence Notices!

    This story involves the governments of the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the British Royal Family (primarily Queen Elizabeth II), the British Establishment and British court system as well as the European Court system. As stories go, it’s pretty big and the repercussions of publication will be more than economically and politically significant: hence the Defence Notices.

    I am wondering whether you may be able to suggest a journalist who is not based in an English speaking country or working for an organisation head quartered in an English speaking country who you feel may be able to give themselves over to the time required to examine some truly incredible material?

    I await your response and thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.


  2. Dear Albert,
    Maybe you could specify more on the subject/topic of the research.

    For example, you could find some of important articles about Indonesia in:

    though the language is in Indonesian Language (maybe you could translate it with google translate or other translation tool).

    Best regards.
    Agus Nizami

  3. Salaams.

    I am looking for some freelance television reporters to report events of Muslim interest from different parts of the world for the Ahlulbayt TV.

    Anyone interested, please email me for details. sakina.datoo@ahlulbayt.tv

  4. Looking for Muslim journalists based in Paris to comment on the French elections. Please email rosie.dawson@bbc.co.uk

  5. I’m Saddam Hussein child born in American looking for a islamic journalist to break the story E-mail at jones_abdul@rocketmail.com

  6. Would like to join you from Mumbai, please add my email id toiskvns@gmail.com …i represent The Times Group.

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