US and Britain Support Wahhabi Terrorists in Syria and Yemen?


The Wahhabi terrorists in Syria and Yemen such as Al Qaeda, ISIS / ISIL, etc get a lot of fund and sophisticated weapons from US and Britain. Barack Obama and David Cameron are responsible for this.

These terrorists already make terrors in Paris, US, and Britain. If those terrorists rule Syria and Yemen, what will happen to US and Europe?


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Facebook Discrimination?

Facebook Block

Facebook has banned the FP Berita Harian Suriah for the posting above about the Syrian Terrorists that play soccer with the human heads. It warned the readers about the danger of the Syrian Terrorists.

But why Facebook deleting the FP Berita Harian Suriah just because the terrorist groups organizing its members to report the FP so Facebook deleting the FP Berita Harian Suriah for good?

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Der Spiegel – It’s Not an Interview. It’s a Media Attack

Assad and Der Spiegel

It’s not an interview. It’s an ATTACK.
Der Spiegel also edit Assad’s photo into Hitler like. Is that a fair media?
Der Spiegel’s “interview” with President Bashar al-Assad : A Media War Attack
Editorial Note: Der Spiegel’s interview of President Bashar al-Assad is not an interview at all. It’s an attack and al-Assad takes them to the mat.

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Obama’s Men: Welcome to the New Syria!

Obama’s Men: Welcome to the New Syria!

These are the people who are supported by Obama and Cameron. Billions of US dollars and sophisticated weapons are given to them.

Obama Men

Is the New Syria will be better than Assad?
How come UN Leader, Ban Ki Moon only condemn Assad?
But not the rebels?
Beheaded in front of children, Assad’s thugs are dragged to their doom and butchered like animals in some of the most brutal scenes to emerge from Syria’s civil war

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

No WarWhat Putin say is true. But how come Obama and US get angry with that?

Putin ask US to abide UN’s rules. What’s wrong with that?
Putin ask US not to strike Syria without UN’s agreement. Isn’t it right?
Putin ask Obama to use the peace way instead of a warmonger’s way. Ain’t that right?
US have made wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc. All the wars there are not finished yet. People killed every week. Ain’t that enough?
So why get angry about Putin’s advise?
Both people in Syria are killing each other. It’s US support to the rebels make the war longer. Imagine if foreign countries support US rebels in Civil War.
The excerpts from NYT:

We Don’t Need Proof to Make a War!


Sponge Bob:

We Don’t Need Proof to Make a War!
All we need is IMAGINATION…

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Putin’s challange to Obama: ‘What will you do if rebels are the ones using chemical weapons?’

Putin and ObamaSyrian Rebels: Man Eater Cannibal, Using Chemical Weapons, Killing unarmed people, Killing women and children because didn’t share the same religion and the same sect, etc.
What Obama want by funding and arming those evils?
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