List of massacres in Syria

List of Massacre in Syria from 1947 – 2013. From this data we know that there are not many bloodshed in Syria. At least compared to Syria Civil War that began in 2011 that killed 110,000 until September 2013 (half of the victims are from Government side).

The great number is Siege of Aleppo in 1980 where the Muslim Brotherhood revolt and killed 300 Syrian Soldiers while the Syrian Soldiers killed 1500 Muslim Brotherhood:

Then Hama Massacre in 1982 when Muslim Brotherhood revolt and killed 500 Syrian Soldiers. The Syrian Soldiers kill all Muslim Brotherhood Soldier around 20,000 people:

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
1947 Aleppo pogrom December 1947 Aleppo 75 Half the city’s Jewish population fled
Jisr al-Shughour massacre (1980) March 9, 1980 Jisr al-Shughour 150-200
Aleppo Artillery School massacre 16 June 1979 Aleppo 32-83
Siege of Aleppo (1980) 1980 Aleppo more than 2000 multiple massacres over a period of time
1981 Hama massacre April 1981 Hama 400 members of the male population rounded up and executed
Tadmor Prison massacre June 27, 1980 Palmyra 500-1,000
Hama massacre February 1982 Hama 7,000-40,000
2012 Homs offensive February–April, 2012 Homs 300
Houla massacre May 25, 2012 Houla 108 49 children among the dead
Al-Buwaida al-Sharqiya massacre} May 31, 2012 Al-Buwaida al-Sharqiya 13
Al-Qubair massacre June 6, 2012 Al-Qubair, in Maarzaf 80-100 Victims were stabbed and shot.[1] Reports awaiting confirmation by third-party observers as of 2012-06-07.
Daret Azzeh massacre June 22, 2012 Darat Azzah in Aleppo 25 Rebels claim to have killed 25 men who they accused of being a part of the Shabbiha.[2][3]
AlJoura massacre September 25, 2012 AlJoura in Deir Ezzor 400 Syrian Army of the regime of Bachar Assad killed 400 person in AlJoura, Deir Ezzor
Aqrab massacre 11 December 2012 Aqrab, Hama Governorate 125 (Includes wounded) Alawite villagers massacred by Syrian rebels.
Bayda and Baniyas massacres 2–3 May 2013 Bayda and Baniyas, Tartus Governorate 51–100 (Bayda), 77–145 (Baniyas) Assault by Alawite militias against the local Sunni population.[4]
Hatla massacre 11 June 2013 Hatla, Deir el-Zour 60 Shiite villagers massacred by Syrian rebels.
Khan al-Assal massacre July 22, 2013 Khan al-Assal, Aleppo, Syria 51 Rebels execute 51 POWs.
August 2013 Ghouta chemical attack August 21, 2013 Al-Ghouta, Damascus, Syria 90-1600 [not verified!] ‘Chemical massacre’ [not verified], allegedly by ‘the regime of Bachar Assad’ [not verified], Al-Ghouta, Damascus

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