Obama’s Men: Welcome to the New Syria!

Obama’s Men: Welcome to the New Syria!

These are the people who are supported by Obama and Cameron. Billions of US dollars and sophisticated weapons are given to them.

Obama Men

Is the New Syria will be better than Assad?
How come UN Leader, Ban Ki Moon only condemn Assad?
But not the rebels?
Beheaded in front of children, Assad’s thugs are dragged to their doom and butchered like animals in some of the most brutal scenes to emerge from Syria’s civil war

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

No WarWhat Putin say is true. But how come Obama and US get angry with that?

Putin ask US to abide UN’s rules. What’s wrong with that?
Putin ask US not to strike Syria without UN’s agreement. Isn’t it right?
Putin ask Obama to use the peace way instead of a warmonger’s way. Ain’t that right?
US have made wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc. All the wars there are not finished yet. People killed every week. Ain’t that enough?
So why get angry about Putin’s advise?
Both people in Syria are killing each other. It’s US support to the rebels make the war longer. Imagine if foreign countries support US rebels in Civil War.
The excerpts from NYT:

We Don’t Need Proof to Make a War!


Sponge Bob:

We Don’t Need Proof to Make a War!
All we need is IMAGINATION…

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Putin’s challange to Obama: ‘What will you do if rebels are the ones using chemical weapons?’

Putin and ObamaSyrian Rebels: Man Eater Cannibal, Using Chemical Weapons, Killing unarmed people, Killing women and children because didn’t share the same religion and the same sect, etc.
What Obama want by funding and arming those evils?

List of massacres in Syria

List of Massacre in Syria from 1947 – 2013. From this data we know that there are not many bloodshed in Syria. At least compared to Syria Civil War that began in 2011 that killed 110,000 until September 2013 (half of the victims are from Government side).

The great number is Siege of Aleppo in 1980 where the Muslim Brotherhood revolt and killed 300 Syrian Soldiers while the Syrian Soldiers killed 1500 Muslim Brotherhood:


Then Hama Massacre in 1982 when Muslim Brotherhood revolt and killed 500 Syrian Soldiers. The Syrian Soldiers kill all Muslim Brotherhood Soldier around 20,000 people:


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US’ Gift for Syrian People?

US Gift for Syria

US Government to Evil:

This is my gift for Syrian People

Please deliver it…

World War 3? China and Russia Send War Ships to Coast of Syria

After Russia send more war ships, China also send war ships along with 1,000 marines to the coast of Syria.
Syria: Is this the beginning of World War 3?
If China in the Far East has sent war ships to the Middle East, then what are we waiting for?
Nuclear ICBMs from US, Russia, Iran, and China into Middle East.
Well, the Middle East countries such as Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are lucky to have big fireworks on their land… 

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