Erdogan Creates War in Syria?

Erdogan dan Suriah

Erdogan (Ikhwanul Muslimin / Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey’s PM) should make peace on Syria. Not creating the war there.
The number of the War victims between the Syria government and the rebels almost balanced. Each suffer about 16 thousand people died.

Erdogan should shut Israeli Embassy, NATO Military Base in Turkey, and does not give access to the gas pipeline from Russia to Israel.
Muslim should love each other and hard to the infidels.

Don’t do the opposite such as loving the Infidels like NATO and Israel and make war on other Muslims such as Syria.

This is how the Wahhabists, Modernists (Ikhwanul Muslimin, Hizbut Tahrir), and Jihadists destroying Syria with the help of US and Israel:Touch Down di Suriah

From US and Israel through NATO base in Turkey, then to Saudi and Qatar, then to FSA, and last Al Qaeda destroying Syria.

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. Thou (O Muhammad) seest them bowing and falling prostrate (in worship), seeking bounty from Allah and (His) acceptance. The mark of them is on their foreheads from the traces of prostration. Such is their likeness in the Torah and their likeness in the Gospel – like as sown corn that sendeth forth its shoot and strengtheneth it and riseth firm upon its stalk, delighting the sowers – that He may enrage the disbelievers with (the sight of) them. Allah hath promised, unto such of them as believe and do good works, forgiveness and immense reward.” [Al Fath 29]

“O ye who believe! Whoso of you becometh a renegade from his religion, (know that in his stead) Allah will bring a people whom He loveth and who love Him, humble toward believers, stern toward disbelievers, striving in the way of Allah, and fearing not the blame of any blamer. Such is the grace of Allah which He giveth unto whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing” [Al Maa-idah 54]

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