Obama Supporting Man Eater Cannibal Terrorists in Syria!

Those are the Wahhabists. Not Muslims!

Eating human flesh with the shouting of “ALLAHU AKBAR!”
Obama and Cameron are supporting Man Eater Cannibal Terrorists.
Imagine if those monsters become Syria rulers?
I believe with the weapons from US and NATO they could kill many people. Including in US and Europe!

Obama’s Syrian Rebels are practicing cannibalism. Look at the video here:

Billy Black·

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Erdogan Creates War in Syria?

Erdogan dan Suriah

Erdogan (Ikhwanul Muslimin / Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey’s PM) should make peace on Syria. Not creating the war there.
The number of the War victims between the Syria government and the rebels almost balanced. Each suffer about 16 thousand people died.

Erdogan should shut Israeli Embassy, NATO Military Base in Turkey, and does not give access to the gas pipeline from Russia to Israel.
Muslim should love each other and hard to the infidels.

Don’t do the opposite such as loving the Infidels like NATO and Israel and make war on other Muslims such as Syria.

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Wahhabi and the Zionist Israel

Wahhabi and Israel

That’s true. Since the beginning the Wahhabists are breaking Islam from the inside. The Founder, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab help Ibnu Saud with British weapons to rebel against the Ottoman Turk Islamic Empire. After that Turkey is weakeningand the Palestine which is under the Turkey’s protectorate fall into British before handed over to the Jews and become Israel. After that working with British suc as Lawrence of Arabia to fight the Turkey and Egyp. Later working with US to attack Iraq.

Can we see it?

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