U.S. Helps Al Qaeda in Syria with Mujahid Agents and Weapons?

Matthew Van Dyke di Libya dan Suriah

Matthew Van Dyke in Libya and Syria

The above photo is a picture of Matthew van Dyke. He’s a U.S. citizen, Philadelphia, who “fought” with the Libyan rebels and now “struggling” in Syria.
Previously he claimed apply for a job at the CIA. But he was rejected. After that as a journalist, rather than just writing, why not directly go to war with the rebels? In the story he fought to free Libya Libyan people. So that Libya now led the U.S. puppet who submit Libyan oil to the U.S. and British oil companies.

This is the blog of Matthew van Dyke:

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Syrian Rebels Ask US and Israel to Destroy Syria?

Moaz al-Khatib has asked the US to protect rebel-held north using patriot missiles.

Al-Khatib was frustrated with level of international aid for opposition
Al-Khatib says US needs to play bigger role in ending Syrian war
Al-Khatib defended presence of foreign fighters in Syria
The Rebels are nothing but US and Israel’s puppets.
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It’s a proof that IKHWANUL MUSLIMIN is a Jews’ Puppet. Working for US and Israel.
Ikhwanul Muslimin has put Erdogan as Turkey’s PM since 2003. Yet there is Israel embassy and US military base there. So is in Egypt with Morsi. Israel embassy still exist.
By supporting the Libyan and now Syrian rebels to fought the Anti-Israel government, Ikhwanul Muslimin is the Jews’ Puppet. Ikhwanul Muslimins help the Jews by making bughot/rebellion in anti-Israel countrys. Killing many Muslims with  the Israel’s allies arms.

But the Muslims will fight the Jews and their puppets in the end of time.
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