US and Israel’s Hypocrisy on Iran’s Nuclear

US and Israel are the big hypocrites.

They have 5,000 nuclear bombs to kill human.

Yet, when Iran want a Nuclear Reactor to provide electricity for its people, they yell like a mad dog and try to make a war on Iran.

In the last 100 years, it’s US and the Israel that attack other countries such as Palestine, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and slay millions of people there. Mean while Iran has never attack any country.

IAEA reported the “Possibility” that Iran could make a nuclear bomb.

But has IAEA reported that US and Israel already make 5,000 nuclear bombs?

At last, US (especially the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) prosper because robbing many countries natural resources. Not because of their honest business.

Iran & The Bomb: What’s Next?
By Christiane Amanpour, Matthew Drake & David Miller | Around the World –

Questions about Iran’s nuclear program have been swirling for years causing fear in the west that they are secretly preparing to build a nuclear warhead.
Iran has steadfastly maintained that their nuclear ambitions are only for the purpose of energy production, and that they have no plans to enrich uranium for the production of nuclear weapons.
However, a new IAEA 25-page report, a decade in the making, says there is credible evidence to make a case that “Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear device.”
This is some of the most damning evidence ever released about Iran’s nuclear interest, but Iran has blasted the report, calling it politically motivated by the west, and an excuse to carry out military action against Iran.
While the report does not claim that Iran has the technology to produce a nuclear weapon yet, it does site evidence that Iran “had been provided with nuclear explosive design information” as well as computer modeling of nuclear detonations.
On Around the World, Christiane Amanpour speaks with the New York Times David Sanger to take a deeper look into this report which could have a worldwide impact, effecting not only the United States and Iran, but also putting pressure on Iran’s allies China and Russia.

Photos of US Soldiers Brutalities:

(Prior to the murder of Mudin, in November 2009, the soldiers of Bravo Company were dispatched to recover the body of an insurgent who was killed by rockets from a helicopter gunship. As they collected the remains, which appear to be those shown here, one took out a hunting knife and stabbed the corpse. Staff Sgt. Gibbs, who had recently joined the platoon as a squad leader, began playing with a pair of scissors near the dead man’s hands. “I wonder if these can cut off a finger?” Gibbs asked).Ini foto berikutnya:

Andew Holmes berpose dekat mayat Gul Mudi. (Andrew Holmes poses with Gul Mudin’s body).

(In a break with protocol, the soldiers also took photographs of themselves celebrating their kill. In the photos, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock (21) grins and gives a thumbs-up sign as he poses with Gul Mudin’s body (15). Note that the boy’s right pinky finger appears to have been severed. Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs reportedly used a pair of razor-sharp medic’s shears to cut off the finger, which he presented to Pfc. Andrew Holmes as a trophy for killing his first Afghan. Mudin was wearing a little cap and a Western-style green jacket. He held nothing in his hand that could be interpreted as a weapon, not even a shovel. The expression on his face was welcoming. “He was not a threat,” Morlock later confessed).

(A sign – handwritten on cardboard fashioned from a discarded box of rations – hangs around the dead men’s necks. It reads: TALIBAN ARE DEAD. According to a source in Bravo Company, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the men were killed by soldiers from another platoon, which has not yet been implicated in the scandal. “Those were some innocent farmers that got killed,” the source says. “Their standard operating procedure after killing dudes was to drag them up to the side of the highway”).

(The collection of photos includes several dozen images of unidentified casualties, including this one of a severed head. In many of the photos it is unclear whether the bodies are civilians or Taliban. It is possible that the unidentified deaths are unrelated to 3rd Platoon, and involved no illegal acts by U.S. soldiers. But taking such photos, let alone sharing them with others, is a clear violation of Army standards).

Israelis Brutalities

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  1. One can lose one’s head in a war. Or look like beef-burger in these photos of atrocities committed by the Taliban and not US soldiers.

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