Why Gaddafi Falls?

Why Gaddafi falls?
1. Gaddafi destroy his sophisticated weapons. So US and its allies know that Libya is toothless. They don’t afraid of Libya’s resistance any more.

2. Gaddafi open US embassy in Libya. US Embassy spread spies all over Libya and bribed people to be their goons to rebels against Gaddafi.

3. Gaddafi save Libya’s money in US dollar in US Banks. US freeze Libya’s US$ 150 billion money easily.
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US and Israel’s Hypocrisy on Iran’s Nuclear

US and Israel are the big hypocrites.

They have 5,000 nuclear bombs to kill human.

Yet, when Iran want a Nuclear Reactor to provide electricity for its people, they yell like a mad dog and try to make a war on Iran.

In the last 100 years, it’s US and the Israel that attack other countries such as Palestine, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and slay millions of people there. Mean while Iran has never attack any country.

IAEA reported the “Possibility” that Iran could make a nuclear bomb.

But has IAEA reported that US and Israel already make 5,000 nuclear bombs?

At last, US (especially the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) prosper because robbing many countries natural resources. Not because of their honest business.

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Islamic Leaders betray Islam by Allying with US

Source: http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629258

No wonder 1.3 billion Muslims all over the world could not defeat Israel which only has 6 million people. Almost all Muslim leaders become US allies. US is the main supporter of Israel.

No wonder also that US could defeat Iraq and Afghanistan easily and kill almost 2 million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is because the Arabian Syaikh and Princes save their US$ 3 Trillion money from oil and gas in US Banks. The US could lend the money for war or at least they get billions of dollars from the interest.

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