US and NATO Want Libya’s OIL: People in the World are the Victims

US and NATO only want Libya’s OIL like Afghanistans’ and Iraqs. When they monopoly the World OIL, people in the world will suffer the SKY ROCKETING OIL PRICE.Currently gasoline price in Libya only US$ 0.15/litre comparing to US$ 0.9/liter in Indonesia where US OIL Companies own 90% of Indonesian Oil Field.

Grafik harga minyak yang melonjak sejak invasi AS ke Afghanistan dan Iraq

Before US and NATO invasion to Afghanistan the world enjoy oil price US$ 22/barrel.Afther Afghanistan Invasion the Oil Price become US$ 30/barrel.

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Is ‘Against’ Israel, Calls for Musician Boycott and Attacks ‘Illegal’ Wall

Posted on Mar 7th 2011 10:31AM by Jason MacNeil
Roger Waters has revealed to Al Jazeera that he’s written an op-ed piece encouraging fellow artists and musicians to join a BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel. 

“I’m against Israel for exactly the same reasons that I was against South Africa: it’s a two-tiered racist system,” Waters told Al Jazeera’s Riz Khan in an interview last week which was later posted on YouTube. “They have pass books, they have to carry identity cards that say whether they’re a Jew or an Arab. It’s insane.”
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How The Rothschilds Making Money from War?

Well look how the Jews such as The Rothschilds making money from war. By using their General Puppets, the Jews created wars such as Duke of Wellington attack Napoleon. Thus, the British had to borrow money from the Rothschilds to finance the war.

When the France destroyed, the France also need money (with big interest of course) from the Rothschilds to finance their economic recovery.

The Rothschilds not just ordinary Loan Sharks. But war monger Loan Sharks.

The US attack to Iraq and Afghanistan, is simply to rob Iraq and Afghanistan’s Oil and Gas for the Jewish Oil and Gas Companies that belong to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. When Iraq and Afghanistan already in their hands, the Oil and Gas price hikes significantly because of their monopoly.

Making Money from War–and Peace, Too

THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILDThe World’s Banker, 1849-1999By Niall FergusonViking 658pp $34.95
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US Want Libya’s Oil and Gas

US send its war ships to Libya an try to put its puppet as the president of Libya. If that happen, Libya’s oil and gas and other natural resources will be owned by US companies such as Chevron, Exxon, Conoco, etc just like in my country: Indonesia.

In Indonesia, US companies owned 90% of our natural resources. Gasoline price here soar to USD 0.9/liter. While Freeport gives only 1% of Gold and Silver they get to Indonesians and take 99% for themselves.

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