Celebrities (Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson etc) that Hate Jews

Mel Gibson hates Jews.

When Mel Gibson barked at the arresting Malibu officers, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” he merely proved what many had already suspected. A once revered celebrity, actor, and director, Mel Gibson not so long ago waded into the waters of religious bigotry when he made his epic ’04 film The Passion of The Christ, rated the most controversial film of all time by Entertainment Weekly.


Michael Jackson

November 2005, Jackson was caught  on tape in a voicemail to one of his former business managers calling Jews “leeches”. The tapes were played on ABC’s Good Morning America program, and Jackson was heard saying, “They suck…they’re like leeches. It’s a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.”
And in 1995, Jackson provoked a firestorm of protest when he released an album called HIStory containing a song entitled “They don’t care about us” which had the following lyrics: “Jew me, sue me” and “Kick me, kike me”. He subsequently promised to re-record the song and delete the offending lyrics.
But then, in February 1996, Jackson nonetheless released a video of the song in which he had re-instated the brazenly anti-Semitic remarks.

King of Pop, Michael Jackson said: “The Jews suck like leeches!” He said that because his 2 Jewish Financial Consultant sucked him up. After saying that, the Jewish Financial Consultants sue Jackson for millions of dollar.

4 Responses

  1. The spoke nothing but the truth

  2. I believe MIchael was right they did suck up his finances like leeches.

  3. Jews are dirty.

  4. racist cunts, both of them.
    glad that faggot is dead.

    he sucks!
    fucking pervert!

    and mel is the biggest loser on this planet.
    get off it, fucker.

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