Why Mel Gibson Hates Jews? Because They are Evil!

New Holocaust in PalestineWhy Mel Gibson Hates Jews? Because They are Evil!

Look how Israel kill women, children, and babies. See the photos below:


Unfortunately many media owned by the Jews such as CNN, Fox, etc insulting Mel Gibson.

Are you with Mel Gibson against children and babies killer?

21 Responses

  1. Israel is a world terorism and holy talmud to destroy in the world. Be careful and passion my dear, Allah to be with us.

  2. jews and america are people who kill more . those who are killing like isrel and those bush people are pigs in human dress.

  3. You’re a dumbass. Islam is a religion of murder and hatred and should be wiped from the face of the Earth. I hope the Jews kill you all, fucking animals.

  4. jews are running the world in the shadows and have been for a while sneaky pernicous swine that needs to stopped they have the worlds sympathy on a fabricated holocaust and they have killed 2 million plus armenian christians, composed the holodomor famine genocide of christian ukrainians 6 million + deaths and then theres israel hundreds of thousands of palestinians dead and forced from their land they use ss terror tactics used on them peaceful harmless jews. you dont hear about it becuase they control the press. fuck jews and muslims they are both savage sand niggers and they both are terrorist that worship false prophets nuke isael sever the head of the zionist serpent nuke the whole middle east = world peace

  5. You are wrong about Islam.Islam is a religion of peace and ease.It guarantees and protects human rights.In fact,the muslims salute is peace be upon you so how can muslims be savage then??????You better shut up and never speak about muslims or Islam that way and never talk about sth you got no clue about.

  6. Really, the devil himself is playing these games on his hands till time comes that God will eliminate this psycho, revealing the lady prostitute who made this earth a land of war and dirt of false worships…and then the wild beath will crash her till she totally disappear…

  7. Bart Torvik is a Jew who posts the most disgusting filth, porn, and Christian bashing stuff online every day. Bart Torvik says he is proud of his Jew “heritage.” What Jew heritage? The enslavement of non-Jews to serve Jews. Even Bart Torvik admits that the Talmud says that non-Jews only exist to serve Jews.

    • Jew scum like Bart Torvik now control the United States through 100 percent control of the media. Bart Torvik is an arrogant, vengeful and sadistic Jew who blogs about Jew supremacy while attacking non-Jews in blogs with typical Jew cruelty. Jews will stop at nothing to take over. Bart Torvik runs the “Linkerati,” a network of Jew bloggers who relentlessly attack anyone or any group who dares to threated Jewish control of the internet and all forms of the media. Bart Torvik is an insidious parasite who works day and night to advance Jewish world control. Bart Torvik descends from Russian Jew parasites. Bart Torvik cannot hide his ugly rat-face with a huge honker, beady close-set eyes and jug ears.

  8. Jews are blatantly anti-white and Bart Torvik runs the “Linkerati,” a Jewish blogger network that targets non-Jews to destroy by posting lies and filth about them. The Linkerati is composed of hundreds of Jew bloggers who band together to target and destroy people and groups they wish to defame. This is to enrich Jews like Bart Torvik at the expense of innocent “Goyim” whom the Jews call cattle and not worth anything. Bart Torvik boasts the Talmud states Goyim exist just to serve the Jews. Bart Torvik is distantly related to the Jewish mass murderer Yagoda, who killed 10 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor. Torvik is a Russian Jew name. Note the “vik” at the end of Bart Torvik’s name, which eventually became the word “kike.”

  9. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Jews are evil. Bart Torvik writes a blog which ruthlessly attacks Gentiles with pornographic language, unproven allegations, and out and out lies. Bart Torvik does not hesitate to post vicious comments, and then link his posts to other Jew bloggers who attack the intended victim without mercy or remorse. Jews are characteristically unethical and criminally minded. Jews are outcasts and the world has renounced them for their extreme evil and threat to justice and decency. Bart Torvik is on the run in both Minnesota and Illinois from lawsuits against him for online bullying and hate speech. This is why Bart Torvik can never be found for long in either Minnesota or Illinois. He is always one step away from capture by the authorities.

  10. I’ve read Bart Torvik’s extreme Zionist blogs and his vindictive, sadistic attacks on non-Jews. Bart Torvik links his blogs both to other Jew bloggers and to Jew run pornography websites. Any time anyone clicks these links Bart Torvik gets a cut of the action. Bart Torvik is getting rich from evil lies and from hard-core pornography, scandalous activities which all Jews are known for. That is how Jews like Bart Torvik are taking over the world. The “sheeple” non-Jews should wake up to the evil and corruption of Bart Torvik and other Jews and take back their lives and their dignity before it is too late.

  11. Zionist control of the media is exploding and Bart Torvik is helping to lead the pack. Bart Torvik’s blogs link to thousands of other Zionist bloggers who literally destroy the credibility of non-Jews while promoting Zionist superiority. The brainwashing of the entire planet is taking place while powerless non-Jews are helpless to counteract what is going on. Bart Torvik has no education, no ethics and no morals. Bart Torvik is a wanted fugitive and holes up in a different place every night to evade the authorities. Bart Torvik should rot in jail for his crimes against humanity.

  12. All this pictures are bullshit
    I can do this shit too
    They took pics from Syria or other muslims places and says that israel kill them but its not true !

  13. This is so dumb. You guys are all BRAINWASHED by your disgusting fascist political leaders. I am glad I live in AMERICA where I actually have freedom of the press and can live In harmony with my Muslim neighbors as a jew. Also I’m female and I let my long beautiful hair and arms show all year round with out being punished by my government or misogynist husband. Thank god for USA!!!

  14. Jews like Bart Torvik can’t help being evil. It is in their DNA. Wherever Jews live, they are a parasite that eventually destroys the surrounding populace. Bart Torvik is so crafty and sly that he has outwitted the cops in both Illinois and Minnesota. Hiding out at his mommy’s house in Illinois, he was almost caught on multiple occasions. But he has a gay lover that he shacks up with when things get to hot at mommy’s house. But Minnesota has already started extradition proceedings to bring Bart Torvik back to Minnesota to face multiple felony charges.

  15. To hate evil … is to be evil. The Good is not capable of hate. The Good is Love, is Light, is One.

    You may imagine tearing the One into 1000 pieces, but never has this had any meaning. You have traded eternity for the small reality you call your life, and so desperately try to keep real. It has never been anything.

    Go home. All creation awaits you. You are not separate. You have never not been.

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