US-Israel Disarm Gaza: Next Massacre on Defenseless People?


US and Israel government sign an agreement to stop “arm smuggling” to Gaza so Gaza will not be used as rocket launch pad to Israel. They ask other countries such as Egypt to do the same.

It means Gaza people will be defenseless while Israel have nuclear bombs, jet fighters, tanks, and warships. When Israel attack again in the future, the total massacre will be a lot easier with no country to help Gaza people just like Israel do in Shabra and Shatilla with Lebanese militia, Nablus, Hebron, etc.

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Why Mel Gibson Hates Jews? Because They are Evil!

New Holocaust in PalestineWhy Mel Gibson Hates Jews? Because They are Evil!

Look how Israel kill women, children, and babies. See the photos below:

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The Jewish Propagandists Try to Switch the Facts

The Jewish propagandists either in CNN, Fox or in the Internet try to switch the Facts. They try to turn the facts when Israel soldiers killing women, children, and babies as it is a war against terrorists.

Just watch the Aljazeera TV so you could get the real facts., dsb.

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